Q & A

{What should we wear?} 

Accessories make a huge difference...here are a few ideas:
{For Her:}
Scarves (bright, bold, patterned), sunglasses, broaches, headbands, hats, big belts, necklaces/earrings, tights or leggings, any kind of boot or bright flats, and of course high heels!

{For Him:}
Anything that compliments your outfits! Pick out what you want to wear first then see what he has that will enhance your outfits.

-A plain t-shirt and jeans can look amazing with a colorful scarf and a cute pair of heels or flats!
-Layering is a great option so wearing a little jacket/cardigan can add a lot!

-Narrow it down to three outfits. Try for a casual outfit, a more dressed up outfit, and something totally fun and different!

-I don't recommend wearing matching white or black shirts. Just remember to coordinate with each other and pick outfits with the same color tones or something with complimentary colors. Oh, and plaids and stripes usually aren't the best!

-And the most important tip of all: Pick outfits you both feel comfortable in. If your not sure about something...bring it to the shoot and we can style from there. And don't stress because you'll look great!

{What should we bring to a session?}
-You don't have to bring anything but, if you have any props you want to use (a bright umbrella, a chair, a couch, bubble gum, bubbles, balloons, roller blades, etc.)...please bring them! Anything you bring will make your session more unique!

{How soon after our session will we see our pictures?}
-Within a week after your session a few of my "favorites" will be posted on my blog for a sneak peak
-Within two weeks after your session pictures will be available to view through my client tab on my website 
-Weddings will be posted for viewing within 4 weeks after the wedding

{When should I have my maternity pictures taken?}
-I recommend taking your maternity pictures within the 7th or 8th month of your pregnancy.

{When should newborn pictures be taken?}
-I prefer to take newborn pictures within their first 10 days. This is when they are in the sweet sleepy stage and can be molded and posed in great positions! It's important to add me to your list of people to call from the hospital so we can get you booked immediately!

{What are your prices?}
-Check out my website for information on pricing and specials!