Saturday, December 11, 2010

A Trip to Abilene {Personal}

Back in October we took a little trip to Abilene to visit friends and meet a new addition to the group, baby Mason! While we were there we had a little baby shower for Mason. It was during all the world series madness so it was a Texas Rangers theme. Me and Steph and the boys worked all day to get everything ready for the big show. We decorated and cooked while the boys prepared the yard and gathered wood for the fire pit. Below are a few pictures of the weekend.
Rufus on his farm

Alec, Steph, and Rufus surveying the land

Steph and Jeff worked hard on their garden all summer...most of it had died back for winter but here were a few flowers that were still holding on and looking beautiful.

A homegrown pumpkin
Jeff and Alec unloading fire wood
I love everything about this table!

Let the decorating begin! The beginning of the banners we made!

Nolan Ryan made an appearance

Bring on the guests!
My favorite!
What is a baby shower without peanuts, right?

Onesies all decorated...I'm still waiting to see a picture of Mason wearing one of these!
Jeff and Steph, thanks for letting us stay on the farm! Can't wait to come back :)

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Santa Please Bring Me A...Kelly Moore Bag! {Personal}

I won't lie that I have been looking at this Kelly Moore Bag for nearly a year! I've entered a few contests trying to win it but to no avail I come up empty handed. So this Christmas I am asking for one of these beauties. Picking just one style was oh so difficult (I would truly like to collect them all) but I finally did and can't wait to see if Santa will leave it under my tree this year!